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Hidden Bedford

Hidden Bedford

The first Hidden Bedford Event is part of Bedford Busking Festival, 23 – 24th July 2011. There will be all sorts of musicians and performers all over town, and of course Hidden Bedford will be there.

We’ll be doing a QR Code Tour of Bedford’s Oldest Streets.

The tour will take us on a short trip through Bedford’s history – Offal Lane, Bendhouse Lane, Stone House Lane, Goosditch Lane and Gaol Lane are just a few of the names that have been changed over the years. The QR Code part of the tour is just a way to access some extra information when we’re out and about. The QR Codes are essentially barcodes that Smart Phone users can scan. They link to photographs, drawings and old maps that will tell us a bit more about the places we visit on the tour.

But You Don’t Need a Smart Phone to Join In

Anyone and everyone can come along. We’re hoping those with phones can share with those without. And all of the information referred to will be available in hard copy for those that prefer it.

If you would like to book a place call Gemma on 01234 718 618 or email

To find out more about Hidden Bedford visit their blog